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OT: Just your friendly neighborhood mod signing in

Seeing as LJ is being a bit snitty and will begin purging accounts and communities for being unactive for 24 months or more. Then I looked at the date of the last entry here and so I thought I'd post. I suggest to anyone else here who has unactive journals or communities you'd like to keep, to sign into them or post or check on the last posted entry. It could save us all some unwanted grief.

I really hope that it doesn't happen but I'm erring on the side of caution.

Multi Pass! Mulll-tiiiii Pass!!

I recently had occasion to build myself a Multi Pass, and I thought I'd share the slightly goofy results here.

Photo of me with my Multi Pass.
(I didn't get any photos of the event myself, so until I sort out reposting permissions and things I shall simply link to photos taken and posted by my friends.)

I attended the ShmooCon hacker conference this past weekend. Tickets to the conference came in the form of unique barcodes which were emailed to each attendee. You would print out your barcode, they would scan it at the door, and if it all checked out you were given a badge granting you access to the convention. One of the con's contests encouraged people to find creative ways to display their barcodes, the only rule being the barcodes had to be actually scannable.

Naturally, being a huge fan of The Fifth Element, I thought a fun and geeky way to do this would be by printing my barcode onto a Multi Pass. What better way to gain access somewhere than by flashing your Multi Pass, I ask you?
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>>99 icons + 4 wallpapers + 50 icon textures

>001-005 Billy Petersen (To Live And Die In LA)
>006-023 CSI (Season 9)
>024-039 Dexter (Season 3)
>040-048 Lost (var.)
>049-060 Supernatural (var.)
>060-068 Grey's Anatomy (var.)
>069-071 movie:A History of Violence
>072-074 movie:The Motorcycle Diaries
>075-079 movie:Trainspotting
>080-092 movie:The Fifth Element
>093-097 actor:Gaspard Ulliel
>098-099 acotr:Jared Leto
>4 Wallpapers (CSI, Billy Petersen) var. size

>50 icon textures (100x100)


more HERE @ peak77

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hi im new here!
im looking for help, i want to dress as leeloo on halloween and i have no idea how to make the orange suspenders!
did anyone here already dressed up as leeloo?
pictures? how did you do it?