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Time:07:50 pm
Advertising a new community. If it isn't alright, it will be deleted.


What is the next step in Alice's fight against the Umbrella Corporation? What if Richard and Lilli had gotten on the ship and returned to civilization? Now that Leeloo has destroyed the enemy, can she have a happy life with Korban? Is Fangora's calling really Klesmer music? What if Jack hadn't turned Erin in that day?

What is Milla Ficons? The premiere place to find fan fiction and icons for any and all of Milla Jovovich's acting roles. Any genre, length, and style is welcome, as long as it is original work and appropriately listed. Even crossovers and other forms of fanart are welcome! Have an idea for a story, or a challenge you'd like to give other writers and artists? Post it!

Do we accept fiction based on the actress herself? Sorry, no, you'll have to get your fix for that somewhere else.

Milla Ficons

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Subject:17 Leeloo icons
Time:10:12 pm

The rest here.
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Current Music:Brandi Carlile - The Story
Subject: A little something
Time:09:45 pm
A little something I've been planning on posting for the past few weeks now but I didn't really get a chance to until now.

from The 5th Element soundtrack

Little Light of Love (full song)
Little Light of Love (end credits)
Aknot! Wot?

If anyone needs any of these re-uploaded let me know in the comments to I can do so.
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Subject:New Fic: Fifth Element/LOTR crossovers
Time:10:02 pm
I don't know if anyone's still reading here, but I wrote a pair of short stories this week crossing The Fifth Element with the Lord of the Rings. Here are the links, both to my personal journal:

More than a Weapon

PG-13; The Fifth Element, LOTR. Many times, the Darkness has come. This time, Leeloo has been given the chance to do more than just protect. 750 words.

And its companion piece, Harbinger of Light

PG; LOTR, The Fifth Element. Joy and hope trembled in the air, just within Eowyn's grasp if she would but reach for them. 750 words.
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Subject:Edie Sedgiwkc, THE 5TH ELEMENT
Time:01:22 am

6 Edie Sedgwick
19 5th Element (mostly Leeloo)

the rest here.
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Time:12:14 am
[56] Fifth Element icons


*Comments makes me very, very happy!
* Making new friends is ♥
* Credit sixphanel if you take any.
The rest are on my Journal, follow the fake cut!!
( Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass... )
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Time:02:20 am
[mood| Image hosted by Photobucket.com surprised]
[music| Twilight Zone]

Funny how there usually isn't anything Fifth Element related to talk about but in the last few days a few things have happened to make me post.

Last night on the season premiere of America's Next Top Model they told the girls they were going to shave their heads bald. Then they brought out model Ève Salvail! She's the woman who played the "Tawdry Girl" in The Fifth Element. A.k.a. the girl with the shaved and tattooed head.

fifth element eve3

There will be a repeat of the premiere next Tuesday at 8pm on UPN if you want to catch it.

I actually never thought of looking her up before but she is a Quebec native who was discovered by Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1991. Her head really is tattooed and she's in a rock group called 10 watt mary but was obviously also a big time model as well.

I didn't find too many pictures of her online but here is a link to a forum with a few good ones.

And one last thing, I know I mentioned before that I started a FE group on flickr, well a few people put pictures up now. Some of them are pretty good. Go see them at Fhloston Paradise. :)
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Subject:The Fifth Element on the Academy Awards!!!
Time:01:29 am
[mood| Image hosted by Photobucket.com dorky]
[music| ramdom tv]

I felt like I needed to share this with SOMEONE. So I figured why not the Fifth Element group.

As you all know, the 78th annual Academy Awards was on with Jon Stewart hosting. Not a bad show. They did have quite a few montage's, so much so that Jon Stewart actually made a joke: "Wait till later, when we see 'Oscar's tribute to montages."

ANYWAY, there was one particular montage introduced by Jake Gyllenhaal that focused on the larger than life films or the epics that just aren't the same if they are watched on a tv....in other words, theater friendly, meant to be seen on the big screen. It included clips from Star Wars, Jurrassic Park, The Sound of Music, Ben-Hur and......you guessed it, THE FIFTH ELEMENT!!!! I was so excited I actually clapped (cough*dork*cough). It was a quick shot of when Leeloo jumps off of the building in the beginning of the movie.

So I thought I'd share since it made me happy to see it on there. And I actually checked and The Fifth Element was actually nominated for an Oscar back in 1998 for Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing.

Thanks Oscars for making my night,
Image hosting by Photobucket
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Subject:Because one mood cannot possibly describe what I feel right now!!!!
Time:11:11 pm
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[music| the olympics]


SO. I just found out yesterday that none other than Ms. Milla Jovovich will be attending the NY Comic-Con THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I'm a bad fangirl, I should have known a lot sooner. But hey better late then never eh? Ok so the deal is, if you have a ticket already for the Comic-Con the tickets for the special events are free. The only thing is you have to go wait on line for them the day of the event starting at 8:30 AM. What does this mean for me? I'll be out in the cold at 6 AM Saturday morning to ensure I get a ticket. (there is a limited number)

She's doing a Q&A session and an autograph signing. I swear to god, if I don't get to meet her I'll DIE! I've already been going over in my head what I could possibly say to her in the 10 seconds I have while she's signing (if that). I'm having fears I won't be able to say anything at all. Worse comes to worse I'll just point to my tattoo!
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Time:12:47 pm
[mood| Image hosted by Photobucket.com sick]
[music| none]

Hey everyone. I'm on the photo website flickr.com and I recently made a Fifth Element group on there called Fhloston Paradise. I knew it wouldn't be too busy but I felt like making it anyway. If you're on flickr feel free to join, or if not just check out the pictures some people have already added to the pool. :)
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[icon] The Only 5th Element Movie Community on LJ
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 10 entries, after skipping 10 newer ones.
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